Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Deists beleive in

This is a list of "unofficial" beliefs.

Unofficial means that nothing is official because Deism has no central clergy or authority. These beliefs are what we all tend to have in common.

  •     Belief in an intelligent designer of the universe.
  •     Belief that the intelligent designer is "outside" the universe, and not part of the universe (as in pantheism).
  •     Belief that after the Deity created the universe, He stepped away from it to allow it to evolve naturally based on the laws of physics which He created without any need for His further intervention.
  •     Belief that the Deity does not perform "miracles" which defy the laws of physics, or intervene in a supernatural way in the affairs of mankind.
  •     Belief that the Deity does not reveal Himself to mankind through priests or other "enlightened" individuals, but rather through the workings of nature.
  •     Belief that the Deity imposes no pre-ordained, or divinely inspired moral code of behavior on mankind, but rather expects man to develop his own codes of conduct for living in harmony with his fellow man based on his God-given Reason.
  •     Although there is no scientific evidence for an afterlife, most Deists do have a "hope" for an afterlife.
Source - Spiritual Deism

I can still remember the day I finally made up my mind what I beleived in. It was back in the early 1990's. I was in my apartment and I had just finished reading the book - Holy Blood, Holy Grail. I clearly remember making the following assertions in my head.
  • There is a supreme creator. 
  • The universe and nature and our bodies are just too complex to have come together "by accident" which is what evolution teaches. 
  • There is no Jesus Christ.
  • No son of  god, 
  • No crucifixion, 
  • No raising from the dead, 
  • No miracles, 
  • No heaven,
  • No hell and 
  • The bible was written by man.

These were the basics of what I felt comfortable believing and over the last 20 years I have found no reason to change them.  I just assumed there was no name for this belief. It's only in the last 7 years that I finally discovered the name for this belief.

It is called Deism. 

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