Friday, May 17, 2013

How to deal with the religious zealots.

When you get a christian (or a zealot) coming up to you and asking you - Are you saved - you know what they are really asking. They want to know what your religion is.

 I always tell the truth - NO I am not saved, and I dont wish to be saved, thank you - and I try to continue on my way.

But if they continue to get in my face and say - Well you are going to hell, lady!!

I usually stop and say - If you want to believe I am going to hell, that is your choice, but there is not need to harrass me about it, since I personally do not believe that - and I try to continue on my way.

If they insist on continuing their harassment, I will continue to speak to them - All this harassment is not encouraging me to want to join you people at all. I see nothing nice or loving about your actions or words.

And if they still wont leave me alone, I give them a fake name and the phone number of my local police station.


I could also say that I prefer to have free will in my life - what was it that Neo said in the movie - The Matrix - I dont like that the idea that I am not in control of my own destiny.

Christians will tell you that - Sure you have free will - but as soon as you convert to their religion - they throw a 2000 page Rule Book at you.

Deism has NO rule book and just ONE rule. The Golden Rule.