Monday, June 10, 2013

Christians do not like Free Thinkers like me.

I found this image online in a forum, and I was shocked.

If you look at this closely, you can understand why Deism is so reviled by the revealed religions (Christianity etc).

 A free thinker uses logic and reason to think and ask questions. How many of us have asked questions of our parents, our church elders and pastors, and been brushed off with a comment like this? "Oh, you just have to have more faith."

I have.

Lots of time. 

For me it all started when I was 16, and I looked at a map of the Sinai peninsula.

Do you see just how small the Sinai peninsula really is?

Now the Bible claims that 1 million Hebrews wandered around in that very small patch of desert for 40 years - apparently without once retracing their footsteps - which meant they did not cover the same place twice.

For 40 years??  Come on. No way. Not for that very small triangle of desert.

The Christian Research & Apologetics Ministry (CARM) gave these three reasons on “Why isn’t there any record of millions of Jews wandering in the desert?
First of all, no archaeological find has ever contradicted the Bible.

Second, lack of evidence doesn’t mean there wasn’t an Exodus.

Third, it may be that the traditional site of Mt. Sinai is incorrect.

I personally beleive the third option is the correct one.

Now, do you see the huge "empty desert" right next door?   1 million Hebrews can easily have wandered around there for 40 years without retracing their steps...

And there were no muslims at the time of the Exodus. There weren't even any arabs really. 

It took forty years for the Hebrews to make the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, somewhere in the land of Canaan.But if they had walked directly there on foot, along with their flocks and families, it should have only taken about six to eight weeks.

Anyway, getting back to the first picture I posted above (the Free Thinker is a slave of Satan), what it really shows is that Christians are NOT permitted to think for themselves. They are required to accept, learn and repeat the "party line" of their religion.

Some people call this CONFORMIMG to the majority. 

I call it conforming to society.

I personally will never conform to what society or any religion tells me to think, do, say or believe. I will obey the legal laws.

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